What’s holding you back – The ‘have to’ mindset …

Have you ever thought about how, what you say, could be impacting your success? This notion has become popular among the personal development circles, in that people have adopted positive affirmations to improve their self-beliefs and perceived capabilities.

More and more people are beginning to understand the importance that language has on one’s life. We now know that the words you use to depict your life, impact the way you see yourself and the world around you. But how might this impact your work? WELL…

When things get tough… We can often slip into the mindset that the tasks we have in front of us are compulsory, and in which case we have no choice. It’s easy to think that way when we focus on the adverse effects that may occur if we don’t comply with our responsibilities.

We believe we have to work because we have to make money to pay our bills. But the reality is, we still have a choice… By switching the have to narrative with a get to alternative, you reinstall your sense of freewill and the choices you make to support yourself and your future.

On the contrary, when you continuously subject yourself to a mindset that you have no choice, you restrict your capacity to enjoy what it is that you’re doing.

To take this further, if you are continuously participating in tasks that you feel you have to do, rather than want to do… Ask yourself why? You don’t have to do your bookkeeping, or your phone answering, or your emails. You are choosing to, maybe because you believe this is a good use of your time and resources. But is it?

If choosing to pay someone to do these things, means you have a better quality of life because you spend your time doing get to or even want to tasks. Isn’t that worth the investment? Food for thought…

If you’re interested in someone taking some of those unwanted tasks off your hands, email Electra at electra@action-pas.com.

This blog was inspired by, and includes quotes from the YouTube video by Teal Swan – ‘Have to… The Life philosophy that will ruin your life’.

To watch it, follow the link.

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