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If you have a business that functions online, you’ve probably heard of HubSpot. HubSpot is a familiar name that’s thrown around in different online circles, everyone who has used their services has good things to say, and that’s no accident.

If you’re not yet acquainted, HubSpot is a CRM software that encompasses Inbound marketing, Sales, and Customer Service for its users.

It goes without saying, but they know a thing or two about the direction in which the internet and subsequently online businesses, are heading. An interesting insight brought to our attention this week was what the future holds for businesses, online and otherwise. Recent studies identified by HubSpot, suggest that:

…The future of business lies in customer experience.

There’s lots of evidence to suggest that investing more time and resources into customer experience could be the make or break of businesses going forward.

The saying: “They might not remember what you said, but they will always remember how you made them feel” deems itself extremely relevant in this context.

Here’s a small case study: 
Whilst everyone was at home during the crisis of the Lockdown in 2020, in the UK, every single energy company, bar one, switched off most of their phones and resorted to older and slower forms of communication with their customers. Octopus Energy was the only company answering phones as normal throughout the first lockdown.  

Whilst most energy companies since then have had to cut back on costs and lay off hundreds of members of staff, Octopus energy continues to grow, and has employed over 1500 new staff members since March 2020.

This is just one example, research suggests there is a direct correlation between businesses that prioritise good customer experience, and businesses that are doing well in the current circumstance.

The moral of the story – look after your consumers even when it looks like a cost, it’s earning you more business in the long run.


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