The benefits of using DISC

We like to do things a little differently around here, you might have noticed. By this, we mean that we strive to be the best, to get results, and to bring home the bread. But what does this mean in a practical sense? 
One of the reasons that we set ourselves apart from other PA businesses, is that we’re resourceful in our approach to or communication with clients, by way of DISC profiling. We use this system as a methodology throughout our practice, in attempting to understand all of the individuals that we work with and alongside. In doing so, we know how our clients work and have a much better understanding of how best we can serve them.


Conducting a DISC assessment is a relatively accurate way of determining someone’s working style. This means what their tendencies are when approaching tasks, what their strengths are, what challenges them and what they generally avoid. Each PA we work with has a full DISC profile on file, which we then use to help us during the pairing stage when onboarding new clients.

A word from the Director : Electra 

Q: What's the criteria for matching a PA with a client, who decides and why?
“When having the first meeting with the client we begin to understand their business needs and what tasks they need help with. We have some very creative PAs and others that love getting tucked into tasks such as reporting and spreadsheets, so this is what we tackle first. 
We then take into account any experience the PAs already have, the chances are, out of all of the PAs, there will be one that has relevant experience. 
Finally, we’re left with a handful of suitable VA’s, we then use their DISC profiles and determine who we think would be the best fit for the client. Every single one of our PAs has S in them, which work well with high Ds and Is, which is what most of our clients are. They also get along with high Cs, but when Cs and Ss with together, it can slow the task down as they both go into great detail, so we have to bear this in mind.” 
Q: Why do you deem it an important part of the process when onboarding clients

Naturally, our clients and VAs work extremely closely, so we want to ensure that it’s going to be easy to build a trustworthy relationship. Ideally, we need the clients and VAs to be able to communicate seamlessly and get along famously; this is made easy when they share certain DISC personalities. As a rule of thumb, we try and match together people who are similar in the way they work. If the client is fast-paced, it helps that the PA is as well so they can pick tasks up quicker/may not need as much information to get started. Similarly, with slower-paced clients, they need someone to understand the detail just as much as they do. 

Q: How successful have you found it?
We noticed an immediate difference when we began incorporating it as a system. 
Communications became more seamless, clients reported feeling more satisfied, and as a business, we were able to be more productive and proactive with our approach. 
With regards to how it works for our clients, nine times out of ten, the client is extremely happy with who we have matched with them with. Until we know that our clients are completely satisfied, we always keep backup options in the locker. 
Q: How did it start?

One of our biggest clients is Action Coach Bristol, working with them has proven to be eye-opening in many different ways. But working with DISC profiling and the results that it drives, really stood out to us. Now, we do DISC assessments before taking anyone on as a Virtual Assistant for Action PAs, which means set very high standards for the VAs that represent us. 

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