Is there a formula for matching clients with their perfect VA?

Is there a secret formula to matching a client with a VA who’s perfect for their business, or is it just luck?

Traditionally, many VA agencies have approached the client-VA matchmaking process with a straightforward strategy: clients are assigned based on the VA available and your need as the client.

But, in the pursuit of streamlining operations, we feel that there’s often a crucial aspect of the process that goes overlooked – those subtle details that make a VA a real asset to your team rather than someone who just ticks the box.

At Action PAs, we believe that a more tailored and thoughtful approach to matching clients with the right virtual assistants can lead to a more productive and harmonious working relationship. So, we’re delving into our unique process of matching clients with VAs, the process that we use with all of our clients and the reasons behind each stage.


The Process

At Action PAs, we take a meticulous approach to ensure that your business needs align seamlessly with the skills and personality traits of our virtual assistants. Here’s a breakdown of our process:

Understanding Your Requirements
During our initial consultation, we delve into your business requirements and the specific tasks you’re looking for help with. Do you need specialised skills for certain tasks? Are there particular qualities you’re looking for in a VA? By grasping your unique needs, we can lay the foundation for a successful partnership.

Evaluating VA Skills and Experience
Our team of virtual assistants brings a diverse range of skills and experiences to the table. We carefully assess which team member is the best match for your tasks. Whether it’s creative endeavours or detailed reporting, we identify the ideal candidate based on existing expertise and relevant experience.

VA Preferences
We also consider what tasks our VAs enjoy the most and where their strengths lie. This insight allows us to allocate tasks in a way that aligns with each VA’s preferences, fostering a sense of fulfilment and enthusiasm for their work. Happy VAs lead to higher-quality assistance.

DISC Profiling
After narrowing down the options, we analyse the DISC personality profiles of potential VAs. This step ensures compatibility and synergy between the client and the VA, making communication and collaboration seamless. Matching complementary personalities helps streamline tasks and enhances overall efficiency. All of our PAs have S in them, which work well with high Ds and Is, which is what most of our clients are. They also get along with high Cs, but when Cs and Ss are together, it can slow the task down as they both go into great detail, so we have to bear this in mind.


Why We Use DISC Profiling

DISC profiling is a key component of our process for several reasons: it helps to create more dynamic working relationships, improves communication, reduces the risk of any conflict and helps to build longer term relationships.

Given the close working relationship between clients and VAs, trust and effective communication are important. When each party understands their DISC personalities, they tend to understand each other better, resulting in smoother interactions and quicker task comprehension. Matching clients and VAs with compatible personalities and work styles also ensures that the working relationship is harmonious. A fast-paced client benefits from an equally dynamic VA, while a detail-oriented client pairs well with an assistant who thrives on precision. DISC can also help to identify the areas where a client could do with some more support and a different profile might benefit them. For example, someone with a lot of I in them might benefit from having a VA who is more systematic in their approach to help them complete tasks to a really high standard.

Matching a client with the right virtual assistant is a vital step toward achieving productivity, effective communication, and a strong working relationship. At Action PAs, our personalised approach, informed by DISC profiling, ensures that the pairing is not only based on skills but also on personalities that complement each other. If you’re interested in finding out more about our process or how we match our clients with a VA, get in touch with us today.

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