How We Work

Having a PA is a very personal thing – we get that.

We have a bespoke recruitment process to identify your ideal PA from our team of experienced virtual assistants.

As champions of DISC – a behavioural styles tool – we match you with a VA we know you will collaborate with naturally. The identifier is not a test. It explores personalities to develop or enhance self-knowledge, and with that knowledge, we select a VA that will enhance your productivity and scope for success.

Acknowledging the importance of effective interaction between personality types, Electra applies her knowledge of everyone in our VA pool to find the perfect one for you and your needs.

Your exclusive Action PAs package gives you all the benefits of an experienced professional assistant without the burden of an employee. No NI, holiday pay, sick pay, pension, training costs. We even come with our own equipment, so we can step in your business seamlessly. No cape or specs required.

Our Process


Discovery Meeting

The Discovery Meeting is a 30-minute meeting to understand your business needs in more detail. We will then identify the ‘quick win’ tasks to get started with and establish the best package to suit your requirements.


Allocate a VA

In the background, we’ll be collating all the information you have given us so far to identify which of our talented virtual assistants would suit your business best. When making this decision, we’ll take skills, experience and personality into consideration.


Kickstart Meeting

The Kickstart meeting is where you will (virtually) meet your shiny new VA to discuss the journey ahead and, most importantly, build the foundations of a fruitful professional relationship. We’ll provide you with a list of documents, log-ins and information we will need to start working with you.


Start delegating!

Ready to go! You can start delegating all the tasks that are soaking up your time and re-direct your energy to achieving your goals.


Six week check-in

We’ll have a 15-minute check-in so we can make sure we’re meeting expectations and identify any other tasks we can take off your hands.

Get in Touch!

Don’t let admin tasks overwhelm you. Let Action PAs turn chaos into order.

We’ll Make You Smile – Promise!

If you ever feel dissatisfied with our service, please know we’ll do everything in our considerable superpowers to put that smile back on your face, whether it’s starting from scratch, a simple correction or your money back. 

Please let us know within 7 days of the work being done and we’ll move heaven and earth to get things back on course. Promise.

So Much More Than PA Services!

From meticulous bookkeeping to efficient call management, and even fostering your company’s growth through expert social media management – we’ve got it all covered.