How does Action PAs work?

A (very) quick guide. 
We’ve had a lot of questions about this, so we figured it’s worth creating a quick guide.
And for all you high D’s and I’s (DISC reference), never fear, we’ve made this simple and straight to the point. …If you’re thinking about getting yourself a VA but you have no idea where to start, this is how it works;
1. 10-minute Phone Call 
We do this to gain a brief understanding of yourself and your professional pursuit. Within this phone call, we will discuss your business, your team size & your needs. At this point you’re free to ask any questions you may have about us and how we work. 
2. Discovery Meeting
Here is where we go through things in more detail, we refine your specific needs, your business requirements, the criteria you want us to meet, and the days and times you would like the VA to be available. 
3. Kick-start Meeting
The exciting part… This is where we introduce you to your personal VA and organise the work you’ve delegated to be handed over to them. Later we then check in to ensure everything is running seamlessly. 
Do I get one PA? 
Most of our clients have one VA that works for them. We encourage regular zoom meetings so that you get to know each other, and in time, build a close relationship. Initially, this may seem counterproductive as the meetings take time. But in fact, having regular meetings improves the efficiency of handing overwork, and enables the VA to better interpret, and eventually, predict your next moves. 
How often will they work for me? 
This depends on your needs, we’re flexible. If you need assistance once a week, once a day or a few times a day, we will work around you. Once everything is set up, you can send any tasks to the VA. This includes and is not exclusive to; event bookings, personal appointments, travel arrangements, bookkeeping, organising contact lists, calendars etc. the list goes on. Essentially the VA is there to help you in any way they can. 
How do I start the process? 
There are many ways you can do this, you can contact us via Email, Social media and or visit our website. But the quickest way to start the conversation is by following this link, and booking a 10-minute phone call with Electra. 
It’s important to us as a company to serve you in making this a quick and easy process that then helps you on the way to building your success. We’re passionate about what we do, and we love working with businesses and entrepreneurs that are as driven and success hungry as we are. We hope this quick guide serves you, and we hope to see you join our community of successful business owners. 

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