How a VA can be pivotal in restructuring your business

“Maybe there’s a better way of doing things?”

Whenever there is a big change in any business, it can leave us reflecting on their series of events that have led to this point. How has your business grown in the last few years? Are the systems, processes and people you have in place, still serving your business in the ways that they used to? And, is there a better way of doing things now this opportunity for change has appeared?

When people leave, it can leave business owners rethinking the entire structure of the company. This is particularly true when that person is from an admin role, like a personal assistant or secretary, whose role is essential in connecting and communicating between all the different departments in the business.

Is it in the best interests to directly replace that person or are there other areas of the business where these responsibilities and some additional manpower might be better suited? Maybe you don’t need someone full-time, maybe you need two part-time people for different roles. And maybe the whole process needs to be streamlined so that fewer people need to be involved.

It’s a big decision that needs to be made, and one that can’t be rushed.

So, while you’re taking this opportunity to explore all of your options and restructure your business, is there a way to get that additional support throughout this interim period that can give you the time in headspace to propel your business forwards.

This is something we’ve heard a couple of times recently from both new and our existing clients, so here’s how a VA can help you to really get the most out of the restructuring process…

1. Freeing up some headspace.

Just because there is no one currently in that role, it doesn’t mean that there’s not still work that needs to be done. But, if you’re not ready to hire someone just yet, a VA offers an interim solution to help maintain business as usual without additional pressure being put on an internal member of staff’s shoulders. This will not only help to ensure that the work is getting done, it also allows you the time and headspace to make sure that you’re hiring the right person, in the right role and not settling for second best or compromising on your decision.

2. Helping you to recruit.

There’s so much involved in hiring a new recruit; from writing job ads and posting them online to shortlisting mountains of applicants, scheduling interviews and notifying the applicants who sadly didn’t make the cut. Streamlining this process is essential, and having someone to hand over all of those admin tasks can be the easiest way to do so. A VA will not only know the job inside out, but they can also offer an informed but impartial perspective on the role so that you can focus your energy on making sure you find the person you’re looking for.

3. Handing over to a new starter.

Unlike a usual handover process where most businesses end up handing over to and training up their new recruit once their predecessor has left, a VA can stay working with you for as long as you need them to ensure that the transition is as smooth as possible. They can help you avoid that slump while your new recruit learns the role which can be pivotal to the success of your restructure.

No one wants to feel pressured into making a decision within their business – especially when it’s one as important as restructuring. So, if you think a VA could be the solution you’re looking for to give yourself the time and space to properly consider your opinions, contact us today to arrange a free 15 minute call.

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