What factors do you consider when pairing clients with VAs?

We consider various factors to ensure a perfect match between clients and virtual assistants (VAs). This includes the VA’s experience, skill set, and their personality evaluation through the DISC profile assessment. Our goal is to create seamless and effective collaborations that yield optimal results for our clients. 

How long can I expect to work with my virtual assistant?
Most of our clients work with us on a long-term basis, just like an in-house PA would. We recommend allowing a minimum of 3-6 months to establish an effective working relationship between our clients and virtual assistants. We do also work on shorter-term project if required – whether it’s a busy few months or bridging a recruitment gap, we are here to help. 
Our clients can easily move between packages with no notice period, providing flexibly and a seamless transition whenever necessary. To discontinue, it’s just one month’s notice. 
What happens if all my hours aren't used in my package?
We are committed to providing value to our clients by offering the flexibility to flucuate the support to meet their needs. If you have unused hours at the end of the month, we will automatically roll them over to the next month for your convenience. It’s that simple. 
How does the billing process work?
At Action PAs, we prioritise in transparent and simplicity in our billing process. We offer flexible solutions for our clients to match their requirements. 
After the Discovery call, we agree on the best package for the business and begin to onboard you. We invoice upfront for the hours confirmed in the month ahead. You receive one invoice from us per month with no extra costs -no hidden fees or surprises! Our clients use GoCardless which automatically takes payment on the due date, elimitating any admin for you.  
Our commitment to providing flexible solutions and a transparent billing approach is at the heart of our service, making your experience with us both efficient and gratifying. 

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